Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Atheist Parents.

Well, I know we exist because the Oz Stats tell me we are close to 3 million souls. So how do we raise our kids? Do we agree with Richard Dawkins who is quite assertive in his claim that children indoctrinated into a supernatural religion are suffering a form of child abuse? For those of you interested I recommend his amazing book ( finished reading it and started over straight away....it's incredible) The God Delusion. Must reading for atheist patents.

I know for my kids (8 and 11) I want them to be able to question everything. We have many discussions about other religions. At the moment we are discussing the Great Spaghetti Monster and this little teapot somewhere near Mars, that I believe is there but can't prove. I'm asking my kids to prove my celestial teapot does not exist.

We also talked about Hell. Now that is really child abuse when you think about it. While telling my 8 year old about how some people believe in Hell, what it is and how one gets there, it hit me in the face....what a bloody scary story to tell little open minds. This coming from their parents and relatives and many adults they come into contact with, believe and trust....all saying it's real. My daughter and I are really pleased that I had never caught the religious bug. (Thanks Dad!) Toss in the Isaac story and a kid thinking Mum or Dad would kill them if God asked them to....well, if it's not child abuse it's damn close.


Time to push the rational and logical whenever we can. 
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