Monday, January 15, 2007

The premise of FAITH, and the admiration in which it is held, astounds me.

We are asked to admire belief in a monotheist supernatural god without evidence, questioning or doubt. People are encouraged to believe, and admired for so doing, against all rational thought processes and advised to avoid reading, viewing or associating with anything that may challenge this belief.

Faith is childish in as much as it is embedded in the young mind, a time when evolutionary needs have allowed the child to have an open, accepting mind to believe the words of the parent. Meant to keep children safe but used by religion to indoctrinate a child against rational thought when he/she is most vulnerable.

Richard Dawkins is right. Religious indoctrination is child abuse. It can affect a person for life, hindering the ability to think critically and creatively. Dawkins also points out the insidiousness of moderate religiousness as the basis for radical fundamentalism.

What excites me most however is that critical mass is evident. Atheists are waking up from the #it'll be all right mate state to realise we have a fight here.

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