Monday, March 31, 2014

#TheAustralianSexParty Crowdfunded ad. Priceless...We are not just about sex...

Watch it go viral.

I heard an interview with Fiona Patten a while ago about the naming of her party. She said something like ...paraphrasing here.... they decided to call themselves the #SEX PARTY to attract as much publicity as possible but she fears it backfired a little and maybe stopped people who would otherwise be supportive of the party's values and beliefs, from venturing in...So my progressive friends I encourage you to think about the #SEX party if....

like me

.....your values and beliefs are simpatico.

you can read about all their policies here....

Below is an article from The Sex Party website....

It's just funding 101.

Sex Party Calls for Marijuana and Church Taxes to Fund W.A. Education

Fiona Patten, the Sex Party candidate in the upcoming State Senate by-election today called on the Barnett government to tax and regulate marijuana as a way to fund public education ahead of a state-wide teacher’s strike on April 1.
Accepting that a proposal linking taxes on recreational cannabis to education would be controversial, she is appealing to the government to look to the current wave of reform in the US for evidence-based results.
Colorado, the first state to legalise marijuana originally projected revenues from excises and taxes to be in the region of $ 70 million but following early results has now raised its projections to $ 130 million for the next fiscal year.
Under the new law in Colorado, which only recently came into effect, the first $40 million earned through the excise tax goes directly towards building new schools. The rest of the money is to be spent on education programmes aimed at addiction prevention and drug awareness.
“A tax which didn't exist last year, is now being projected to raise over $ 100 million with all of it being directed to education”, she said.
She also pointed to her party’s tax policy on Church-owned businesses which receive generous tax concessions unlike almost anywhere else in the world. As an example she points to Sanitarium, a cereal and breakfast drink manufacturer, with an estimated turnover in the region of $ 300 million but owned by the Seventh Day Adventists and therefore exempt from tax.
“We urgently need to look closely at areas such as drug law reform with tax benefits as well as fixing anachronistic tax policies that pander to the interests of the Churches”, she said
“Before there are any more cuts to education, before the Federal government brings down a budget likely to hit ordinary working families the hardest, we need to look at taxes which are literally under our noses”.

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