Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just don't throw acid on a girl's face, or kill a young female relative, because some ancient writings were read through the filter of misogyny.

I am not an angry, progressive atheist... I love people, in all our eccentricities...
We are upright apes at the apex of destruction and I have a rabid fascination about how we are gonna get out of this mess.

We need imagination, vision from our world leaders, respectful and rational discourse across world borders, to change the paradigm of nationalism from seeing the world as isolated and separate areas of land and peoples, to the
RECOGNITION THAT WE ARE A global species in dazed paniC..
A SPECIES on the edge of extinction, who are fluffing
around spending money and being #goodconsumercitizens while the conditions for life as we know it, may puff out like the dinosaurs and
millions/billions OF OTHER CRITTERS....
#WE are not special, we have no proof of any supernatural beliefs, we are simply very, very clever apes, whose entire story from one celled to multicellular to pink kardashian cellular, is but a split billionth, micro, micro, infinitesimal moment in the awesomely huge, majestic story of what we know so far about our universe...

And this blog is #my little yell into the universe.

Stop fighting over your different gods, pray to them by all means, but don' t kill me cos I won't do what your super-god said, don't get in the way of us little apes, we are apes you do know that, right? Stay out of education and law making and politics and we will be friends. Just don't throw acid on a girl's face, or kill a young female relative, because some ancient writings were read through the filter of misogyny. And please don't get in the way of Scientific initiative cos you think your Sky Daddy is bigger than, more important than, the survival of us arrogant, narcissistic, destructive and selfish apes? We are all that, but we are also artists, musicians, we love and care for each other. It's the side that sees us as a global neighbourhood, an amazingly inspiring species, on a little blue planet, in the middle of nowhere, and yet, everywhere. Trying hard to reach for the stars and also see into the smallest parts of an atom.

I am not optimistic, I feel we have not evolved enough as a species to deal with #TEOTWAWKI.
But I do know we do not have time for superstition.

Science is, as it has always been, our own little peep hole into the universe, why things do this and not that, why we do this and not that,  #thetruth as we know it so far, subject to the rigors of the scientific process.

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