Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How HOT is Science now !!!!! ...and it is goooood!

Meandering ponderings...arising from...

listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson on #Inquiring minds podcast


and pondering how #HOT #Science is right now...

#COSMOS renewed has emerged to great fanfare. Fantastic publicity, deservedly so! ?
Most reactions celebratory but òf course we have the Young Earth nutters and the usual suspects wanting "EQUAL TIME!!!
But I don't want to waste time on them.

And...drum roll... it premiered on FOX !
Primarily thanks to Seth's contacts ?
Nat Geo is also promoting it.

MEDIA is talking about Cosmos.

And then we have...

the blossoming of natural images invading the global psyche...nature is beautiful, scary and colorful. We all have a FB friend who shares brilliant pix of the awe inspiring creatures and places of the world...
just like we all have the friends who send emotionally intelligent quotes, the photo album family, the spill my emotions and tell way too much or, like me, post stuff that 'proves' my #liberal atheist bias or world view.

We are such amazing stardust. We are AWARE of the Cosmos and so the Cosmos is made self aware through us. It's mind blowing. Science is the process through which we become aware.

#I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE facebook page has a #gigantorious amount of subscribers. People are being fascinated by science through FB and the wonderful images they now see and the questions they raise.

Although this feels like a fork in the road moment for humanity, my heart quavers at history's lesson.

We all remember what killed the Renaissance.

Truly, we all need to accept that humans have different beliefs about everything...fave colors, music, politics...and religion. All our beliefs we reinforce, by collecting evidence that will support what we already believe and having blinkers on if evidence goes against what we believe. We all suffer from this blind spot. Brilliant university research shows we are such predictable animals.


Detecting our own blind spots and dumping the blinkers is an enormous challenge.

So remembering we all have blind spots...

set in concrete beliefs...

we can fight about our differences, or recognise the losing battle, and look for what we all value and have in common. Fanatics of any form, religious or political, are a lost cause and very dangerous, but moderate theists and the average liberal atheist share much. That's where we start.

File:Phillip Adams.jpg

#Phillip Adams, saying much the same thing but far more eloquently, spoke at the first Atheist Conference in Victoria, Australia in 2010


You can read a really good review of his speech at


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