Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A budget both harsh and brutal...

People ...
This @budget2014
is the most in your face,  conservative,  smirk-ridden,
openly big-business- consulted, private schoolyard bully-budget ever.
I now live in a country where we will let kids - out of work/school/without parental support/and way out of luck -  starve, turn to crime,  or further burden middle class/working class (inter changeable terms it  seems) families. Tones and the Hocks  can casually withhold any financial support for 6 months for these,  our most vulnerable,  youths. Yes. No money AT ALL. But go out and live our young ones. Hocker DARES to use the word 'caring' with regard his ideology. Budget cuts by Youth-icide. A human rights abuse. A terrible/terrorFULL ideology.
While no attempt was made  at recouping our stolen taxes from big business nor fixing the mining tax.
If people really knew who had influence over this budget ... it would be on.
If not for our Ozzie Apathy....?
A country where we will Happily take from our pensioners, the disabled,  indigenous,  ...
Maintaining a religious, predominantly Christian influence in public schools, through millions each year to #ChaplainsInSchools.
And for my believing friends, who think this is ok... would it be as Ok with you if the chaplain was Hindu, HariKrishna, Muslim, Thor loving or a Peyote Shaman?

Howard initiated this,  Julia, shamefully,  maintained it (but at least with the addition of opportunity to employ secular counsellors)
and the current buzzards know it quells the masses. ?.

The Insidious attack on the States, who @christopherPyne says, need to be 'adult'
may have back fired. ?.
Stay tuned...
The University changes are fully evil and make me physically sick to ponder.
This government is subtly/head bowingly apologizing to big business (Hockey in postbudget speech to press) for not being @$ Harsh @$ the big end had wanted. .. while they elbow nudge each other behind their cigars and fascist ideologies.
Will Turnball fly in wearing red tights to save the LNP from this evil buzzard and corporate hand puppet's plan? I can dream.

Bring on a new election Tones... You fuckface @TonyAbbottIsAFuckfaceHater.

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