Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oh Tony.

In all my years, on this planet,  I have never seen an Australian government so very disliked and embarrassed.

The LNP has mistakenly assumed that we were all still in our sleep of apathy.
They thought they could shove us even further to the political right but overstepped the mark.
We awoke!
Fascinating to watch the power of social - people power the internet has provided.
Since the ideological budget was revealed, newly awakened Australians have taken to social forums to find support, organize, educate,  learn, argue...
I have met people who get me. The progressives who care. For whom, this image creates a visceral, emotional empathy and a longing to do something.


I have seen stuff written by far right bigots. Those ultra-right conservatives who scare, not care. Conservatives who like slogans and stereotyping. They are very much an in group and couldn't care less about the general populace. They're ok !!! End of story! I don't like these people very much. They remind me of the parroting of the tea party style, racist nutters and our own dangerous loonies - Alan Jones! Bolt! Rupert! Pass the bucket!
Very stubborn people too. AS with Abbott they like a slogan...bludgers, leftie communists, the holy surplus. They see a group called welfare bludgers rather than the  individual needs of our fellow apes. Seeing inside these conservative world views was fascinating but jaw droppingly sad in the  hatred of ' others ' it espouses. I look around the world and see fascism taking a strong hold in Russia and Japan.  Now BFFs. The sadness and troubles of Thailand. A perfect example of the incestuous and dangerous relationship between big mining and government.   The conditions are ripe for further far right power grabs. Meanwhile our climate, and opportunity to act on climate change, gets ignored. The economy is God!

But I remain optimistic.


PUSSY RIOT...these women are heroic in their fight against religious fascism.

The Japanese public broadcaster fights the attempt at control by the conservative govt, the opposition forces the PM to apologise.

I adore the fact that students are taking it right up to the LNP. Media needs to drop the students thing tho.  Many non-student aussies out there too. Even the pensioners.  It's people saying no. Realizing that people have always had the power but each generation forgets. We fell for the cycle of consumerism and reality Tv in a middle class daze.
I spoke to the courageous student leading this and the QandA delight. I admire her greatly.

Doug Cameron provides me an optimistic serotonin rush when he speaks.  A man of integrity. And extremely sexy.

Maintain the rage!
And wake up those still in the capitalist daze.
I am going to try not to post on the far right conservative board forums any more though.  They just make me flabbergasted.  And I don't even know what that means? Maybe that fascists and fascist 'herds' flabber my gast.
Sounds about right.!

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