Wednesday, May 07, 2014

#Q&A student protest IS democracy in action. You were too staid #TonyJones. Democracy is loud and messy!

#Q&A was lifted out of its staid, polite routine by some wonderfully radical students present to protest Pyne's university plans.
They were loud, organised, amusing and annoyed the hell out of #TonyJones who claimed the actions weren't democratic. He was so very wrong!
Jones said, after the break to program...
 "We had a little musical interlude there while we got democracy back on track".  
Sorry #TonyJones, ejecting protesters is the antithesis of democracy.
"Apologies to the Minister, apologies to everyone on the panel, apologies to the wider audience watching,"  
No need to apologise to me. I believe the cut to someone singing was chicken shit. 
"That is not what we want to happen on this program." 
Speak for yourself...I wanted to see it all play out..
"That is not what democracy is all about and those students should understand that."
WTF!...students fighting for their rights IS what democracy is about.
Well Tony, your view of what democracy is or is not is your view. For me, in this time of #Abbott and his vicious government, this protest was heart warming, fun and made the normally staid Q & A program the most exciting ever.
Democracy needs this passion and protest.

#Bob Downe / #Mark Trevorrow provided the sole positive response...
“Great to see young people angry enough to organise something that exciting.” 

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