Thursday, May 15, 2014

Snide, smirky, slime slithers out from question time....#TonyAbbott #LNP #ALP #budget2014

Just watching our parliament post budget question time.

Watching Tony Abbott arise slowly to answer a question about lying by the opposition, I shudder, and feel really angry and really sad.

This conceited and arrogant PM stands slowly as if the effort is way too much. All the while smirking his little Pinocchio head off.
Proceeds to go into the rambling, talking points for the day.

Kids will need to be earning or learning. Yet another 3 word slogan to hide their loathsome ideology. A lot of our youth will actually be living in poverty, if not homeless.
The arrogant smugness makes my blood boil.

It is true that conservatives think about themselves.
Progressives think about everyone else.

Labor needs to maintain the anger, persist in the charade of question time. Once again I look at #TanyaPlibersek and the other wonderful, Labor females, and claw back a little hope.

Meanwhile Bronny #BronwynBishop has hearing loss when HER side is yelling over the opposition but kicks out those from the Opposition. 100 from opposition for LNP

I look at this country and wonder if this will be enough for Ozzies to get angry. Do anything? Anything!!!!

We could find a way that works for each of us to stand up against this Far right, conservative, 1950s styled joke of a government.

We might....

Look for protests and be there.
Write email after email to the LNP and bombard the desktop off @TonyAbott.
Use the internet (FB, Twitter....)to lift your apathetic friends and family out of the Ozzie daze of commercialism, materialism, and reality TV.
Learn the facts, research and if you are a progressive, then you will realise that this IS class war.
Encourage all your friends to get young people voting.

and do not get me started on the vomit of smugginess coming off #JULIEBISHOP.

Ok and then the LNP front bench walks out - after the reporters, SkyNews and cameras click off from Question Time - amidst chuckles and swagger.

So damned angry at the absolute, in-your-face arrogance of these people.

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