Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The LNP's psychopath pitbull poodles...

Chrissie Pyne and that delightfully scary, walking hairball of  lacquer...#SenatorMichaeliaCash ...

What a perfect couple of ponces.
Psychopath traits are evident in these two 'people'.

As for most of the government front bench?
Pathological lying! Lying with ease!
No remorse for mistakes or misdeeds!
Projects faults on to others. High blaming behavior; never at fault.
Little if any conscience!
Has a good front (persona) to impress and exploit others!
Twists conversation to gain at other’s expense. 
If trapped, keeps talking, changes the subject or gets angry.
Grandiose delusions. 
Very good at reading people, so to manipulate them. 

 I give Chrissie and Hairball ticks on all these, and I don't even really know them except for the 'persona' they present. No wonder #SarahHansonYoung was frustrated this morning at Senate Estimates with #Senator Michaelia Cash.

And further to my interactions with the slavish lap dogs of the LNP base, parading their sloganeering and inhumanity on various FB forums. It STILL astounds me that such bigots, racists, sexists, fascist leaning, middle and working class LNP voters just don't get it. They vote for the very people who will stick it to them. But they have drunk of the coolaid and that's that.
I posted this below on one of the more right leaning forums and all that seems to happen is the cognitive dissonance gets louder and they revert to group instincts, slogans and insult while abusing every fallacy argument along the way.


Meanwhile Parliament is a wonderful example of Labor just not taking #BronwynBishop as speaker any more!!!! Visitors yelling at Bronny too.
Sarah Henderson looks a little 'down at heart!' Particularly when #Abbott starts with the 3 word slogans again.
Looking at the government faces, during Question Time, and the 'nodding' and 'Here! Here!'s are not so evident now. eh!!!! Not many smiles from the backbenchers now. The only bright spot is when Malcolm stands to speak.
Meanwhile the opposition enjoys the heckling at this debacle of a government.

I am a sociopath TOOOOOOOOO!
Bronny is losing her breetches...
#TonyBurke is having the time of his life....
#TanyaPlibersek can't stop smiling.
Question Time has never been such fun.

Bronny will soon be saying..

We can hope!!!

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