Saturday, May 10, 2014

#TonyAbbott #JoeHockey #LiberalParty #Budget Oh my !!!!

As we await the #terrorbudget on Tuesday, enough has been leaked, and tested on the public, to ensure we all tremble just a little. Not all of us of course... just us wee folk. You know- the poor, pensioners, single income families, most middle class families too now... But don't expect much load taking from the likes of our Gina or other cronies.

Tones and Hockey could...

Tax the wealthy a few % points more and we can solve the whole bloody mess...although if the mess really exists I am unsure....
Fix the issues with the mining tax!?!
Tax the banks! Tax the banks! Tax the banks!

Send all our pollies to Norway to see what they should be doing....

That's as likely as a conservative not stepping over a sleeping street kid...

Promise keeping is only good as an attack from opposition it seems.

Raising the pension age to 70 is evil.

Let's drain every ounce of blood before we give them a meagre payment to provide with food and a few other needs.

In Brazil the pension kicks in at 45...
But here we work till we drop,
like good #consumerists.

 Have a look here for an interesting browse....

Pensions at a glance..2013...OECD & G20 indicators

If the age is raised to 70 in Oz then it puts us right at the tippy top.

Why do we acquiesce to this system where we work all our life?
Why do we buy into this consumerist distopia?

I am sure #JoeHockey and cronies won't be working for life. Let's see them take a drop in their free travel, salaries and other pollie perks...not forgetting their Superannuation packages for life - the honeypot of pollies.

So bring it on #Abbott.

People will rebel.
Led by the students.


Australians will take it like good little drones...

My tip's on the latter!

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