Monday, June 02, 2014

Rupert Murdoch - King of Oz OR Who really controls the country? Simplified.

1. Andrew Bolt loves Rupert. 

2. Rupert recognises Bolt as a wonderfully subservient bot. A Bolt Bot, if you will.

3. Rupert is the King of a group called The IPA...The Institute of  Public Affairs (Alarm #machinations of the devil!)

4. Gina, Abbott and Bolt all bow down to King Rupe.

Well our PM actually kneels.

Want to read more about how Abbott is King Rupe's lead sycophant ?

5. Mal Turnbull is not in this group. He is not as far right as the IPA. Like if Malcolm stood in Canberra, the Far right would be as far away as, oh I dunno, Uranus.

6. Mal supports public broadcaster. Maybe to counter media monopoly and propaganda  of IPA under King Rupe or probably to differentiate himself from the LNP government/IPA lunacy.

7. Bolt Bot attacks Malcolm.
8. Mal throws it back.
9. Bolt goes again...

Am totally rapt!

Will this knock out match between #AndrewBolt and #MalcolmTurnbull provide the opportunities/stimulus/#kickupthebum we need to-

  1. blow open the IPA to full, public investigation and prosecution? 
  2. educate the masses through great journalism?
  3. have King Rupe beheaded?

I can dream!

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