Friday, October 03, 2014

Burqhas, Nauru and Pyne! Oh no!

The faulty logic of segregating Burqha/Hijab wearing women - behind glass in THEIR parliament - would be so amusing if not so insane. Cory Bernardi and Senator Lambie are anachronisms and represent the worldview of the foggy brained, racist Daily Telegraph owner and readers...the Alan Jones lovers...the conservative mindset and worldview in which the other is to be feared.

Burqha wearing women are being killed by ISIS as we speak.

So let's now oppress these women here too.

Fallacies of thought should be the basis of all curricular in every school.

Another spectacular #BronwynBishop knee jerk. And I am not referring to Chrissie Pyne.

Maybe Australia deserves this moronic leadership. Bernardi, Jackie and Rupert's press represent the racist Ozzies. How many? Too many!

At least....
Today Abbott was forced to step away from putting dangerous, burqha-wearing, Abbott-confronting, bomb wielding women in seclusion, with school children, in parliament. The illogic astounds.
Although who can say the damage done!


Children are in danger on Nauru.

The conservative party and supporters attempt to present this stop the boats dog whistle as humane in that we stop deaths at sea. All the better to damage their psyches and safety on land at Nauru.

Shameful time in Oz.

... to finish with my favourite #smirkOfaTurd, Lil Chrissie Pyne.
least I get on the tellie."

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