Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ian Macdonald- the chair you have when you have a sTOOL. Or buffoonery at #estimates.

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Is it sad that I spent the day watching senate estimates?
Nope! It was the best reality TV viewing for years.
The Chair-Senator Ian Macdonald- was in fine form.
Unintentionally hilarious.
Here are a few delectables, my personal favourites, from the mouth of our Chair.
Straight from Hansard...

Senator JACINTA COLLINS: On the point of order, could I add that I think this proportional break-up that you are referring to is not consistent with some of your comments previously on the record about the nature of estimates. 
CHAIR: Senator Wright, you are correct in connection with the last part. If we finish the day and no other senators have questions, then the Greens can spend the rest of the day doing it. That part is correct— 
Senator WRIGHT: Or any senator. 
CHAIR: I do not who told you—it certainly was not me— 
Senator WRIGHT: It was actually Senator Brandis who used to make that point. 
CHAIR: Please do not interrupt while I am speaking. Show a little bit of courtesy— 
Senator WRIGHT: You are very courteous, I know. 
CHAIR: I am very sensitive when I am being attacked. 
Senator JACINTA COLLINS: Let me defend you, Chair! 
CHAIR: You promised you would, Senator Collins, but you have not done much so far! Senator JACINTA COLLINS: I was going to defend you from yourself, actually.

CHAIR: and if you are going to keep interrupting I will suspend the— 
Senator WONG: Chair, how about you stop shouting at people?
 CHAIR: I will suspend the hearing. 
Senator WONG: Maybe if you stopped shouting at people. 
Senator WRIGHT: I think you are seriously compromising the dignity and the respect of the committee. 
CHAIR: Oh! Senator 
WRIGHT: I want to put that on the record. I am concerned about that. 
CHAIR: Thank you for putting it on the record! Now, Professor Triggs—

Senator Hanson-Young: Someone has been shut up— 
CHAIR: Senator Hanson-Young, would you please leave the room. 
Senator Hanson-Young: I am not leaving. 
CHAIR: Please be quiet and abide by the standing orders. 
Senator Hanson-Young: If you promise to do the same, Chair, I will.

Senator WONG: Mr Moraitis— 
Mr Moraitis: It is pronounced M-o-r-a-i-t-i-s. 
Senator WONG: I am sorry; too much Conan Doyle. 
Mr Moraitis: Too much?
Senator WONG: Conan Doyle. Let us just go back through the series of meetings you say— 
CHAIR: I am glad I did not say that. I would have been accused of other things, but anyhow, carry on. 
Senator WONG: Reading the classics? 
Senator Brandis: You might have been accused of sexism, Senator Macdonald. 
Senator WONG: How is reading Conan Doyle sexist? 
Senator JACINTA COLLINS: It is a strange world they live in.

Lots of similar gems including when Ian told Gillian...."This is what I want you to say."
Prof. Triggs: I am not sure what you are referring to, but I did not ask Ms O'Brien anything.
CHAIR: This is what I want you to say, 'Mr Moraitis, I am concerned at what The Australian is writing and I would ask that you ask the Attorney—' whatever. I want you to put what you said in the first person.

See the lot here....

The Forgotten Children remained Forgotten today. #Senateestimates.

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BUT, my jaw hit the floor when Senator MacDonald quite happily admitted he had not bothered to even read the report. 

So he is the chair flying blind and negligent. #ShameSenatorIanMacdonald

He snarled and rudely rebutted throughout the day. His self declared 15 minutes speaking time for questions was flexible, depending on who was up. This stretched to 20 minutes for one of HIS Senators, prior to lunch. His bias was unapologetically displayed for all.

BUT, my jaw hit the floor when Senator MacDonald quite happily admitted he had not bothered to even read the report. So he is the chair flying blind and negligent. #ShameSenatorIanMacdonald.

As Senator Ludlum tweeted, (I paraphrase and embellish), how could such a rude, belligerent clutz become chair of any committee, let alone this one.

So as I settled down with a coffee and apple danish, this charade continued. And the Twitterers watched and witnessed, making a LOUD cacophony of concern.

You hearing us yet  @TonyAbbottMHR? #neolibs?

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Today we saw Senator Ian Macdonald behave like a disrespectful 9th form boy.
We begin with Senator Ian Mac belligerently challenging Professor Triggs, and then interrupting her responses, until he had enough of that and his attention span waned. He passed the baton to the Senator O'Sullivan for Red Lining. Speaking slowly, Senator CanIRedLineThat? rambled on and really didn't come close to dirtying Professor Triggs, despite his bestest.

The Senators Penny, Penny and Sarah did not let this debacle go unchallenged.
Sometimes having to repeat "Point of order, Chair!" "Point of order, Chair!" "Point of order, Chair!" "Point of order, Chair!" "Point of order, Chair!" before the Chair heard.You get what I mean. But every POINT of Order was dismissed disdainfully by Macca. He heckled from the chair, while also muttering about letting a man speak or summat!!! Sarah challenged this, to no avail, as per Macca's rule.
Bet he didn't tune into #QandA last night.

And then it came time for Mr Moriarty.
Poor Moraitis, or Moriarty as Penny Wong twice called him, ('Too much Conan Doyle,' she hilariously quipped.) was straight lipped, arms crossed firmly and blushing as he ad libbed and 'could not recall'ed. Brandis on his high chair (he must have pumped up the chair to high point) beside him, stoic faced and red. In between questions Moriarty sat in a black sulk.

Senator Penny Wright @PennyWrites asked the AG a question. Brandis filibustered till her 15 minutes was up. She asked if we all saw what happened there. Penny. Yes! We saw the LNP's heartlessness, bullyboytactics and blustering buffoonery all day. We are all witness to this neolib, sociopathic partisanship.

...and that was just the morning session.

But saddest of all...

The Forgotten Children remained Forgotten today.

If you want to ensure we don't forget the kids read here. 

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P.S. Throughout this whole debacle, Professor Triggs was calm, assertive and professional. #IStandWithGillianTriggs. She reminded me of former PM Julia's class act at the Royal Commission into Get Gillard.

This just in. Brandis refuses under legal advice to not answer Penny Wong's question regarding what role was offered to Gillian Triggs. Sarah Hanson Young reflects that criminal code 7.6 could lead to a criminal charge.

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