Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Neolibs, work and capitalist cages.

The life we lead today is one of drones for the corporate elites.

Schooling promotes the idea of the wonder of work!
Image result for mouse wheelCapitalism trades conditions of workers for profits.
We go to school to get a job to buy a house to work till we die.

The rat wheel of capitalism.

How about we make a new path?

How about we refuse to play the game?

How about we rethink our lives?

Image result for capitalismImage result for small tiny housesSmall or tiny houses are a growing trend.
Some are even set up to be easily transportable.
We really don't need McMansions!
We really don't need to load ourselves up with debt, accumulating stuff, and more stuff, ensuring we are trapped on the capitalist wheel of life.

We could instead...

Think small!

Think sustainability!

Think solar power and off the grid living!

Think community!

Think rural!

Image result for capitalism

Life is more than working, sleeping, eating, then doing it all again.
Life can be what we make it.

We don't have to play their game!

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