Friday, April 03, 2015

The Ugly Australian!

Yee Hah! Get your Far-right-ON this weekend.

RECLAIM AUSTRALIA is a marchin' 'cross Orstralya ya hear!

Shermon BurgessNo, not an indigenous peoples' march, as you might think by the name, RECLAIM AUSTRALIA is actually a collection of racist, Islam hating, nationalistic, One Nation type, Neo Nazi admirers, marching in a surreptitious 'up yours' at progressive Australians.

It's the people who adore Alan Jones and the BOLT Dolt.
It's Tony Abbott's dog whistlees.
The suppressed, admonished but angry racist, bogan, redneck Ozzies. OY! OY! OY!

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"The event has been promoted on American white nationalist websites. A post on the Daily Stormer website encouraged “White Australian men” to attend, saying “the people that you’ll find at Reclaim Australia are very valuable to us in the long term”.
“They're on the right track and, with our guidance, they can be turned into hardcore Nazis,” it said."
Oh jolly!!!
The above para is from a great follow up read @

What do they want? When do they want it?
 1. To stop any enforcing of Sharia law throughout the whole of Australia. To make Sharia Law illegal in every State and Territory.
2. Keep our traditional values ie. Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, Anzac Day and other beliefs a large number of Australians have grown up with.
 3. Keep our rights and freedom of speech.
 4. Halal certification should be banned and made illegal. (if not banned, then control should be handed over to the government so it isn't a moneymaking scheme for islam).
5.  Introduce pride in the Australian flag and Anthem at all levels of schooling.
6. Ban the teaching of Islam in government schools.
7. Ban the Burqa or any variant thereof.
8.Ban FGM and introduce mandatory 10 year jail terms for perpetrators and organisers. This includes those who send girls overseas to have FGM carried out outside Australia. Once their jail term has been completed, their citizenship should be cancelled and they be immediately deported back to the country they originated from.
9. Stop Centrelink recognising polygamy and only recognise the first marriage for benefits.

Oh jolly!!!

If you can stand it you can view the delightful Reclaimaustralia website here. Sadly many 'average' racists may get caught up in the NeoNazi FarRight crap! the meanwhile....

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