Monday, May 25, 2015

A Letter to TonyAbbott

Dear Tony

 You have my sympathy.

You must know that you have become the most disdained PM in Oz history.

This must feel terrible.


You have my sympathy.

Life's not turning out like you thought.

That must feel empty.

You have my sympathy.

Your supposed beliefs and actions are out of sync.

That must be cognitively dissonant.

You have my sympathy.

Oz doesn't like your ideology.

That makes you angry.

You have my sympathy.

You also have my anger.

You also have my disdain, repugnance and horror.

You also have my terror at the rampaging, pig headed, far right, racist ideology you spew.

You also have my wonder that you are a Rhodes Scholar.
Although someone told me you got in on your priest's skirts or your boxing prowess.
 This makes sense .
Updated news. Dyson Heydon was on panel that awarded Abbott his Rhodes opportunity.

You have  never  been my Prime Minister.

Your eyes show the bewilderment, the rabbit in the headlight fear, the defeated anger.

Your eyes show depression.
Your eyes.

Your eyes.

You have my sympathy.

Tony One Term.

Don't let the door hit ya mate.

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