Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Boofhead is gone!

Boofhead is gone!

The Budgie is free!

Breathe Aussie people.

But Phew! that was close.

Our PM took us swiftly into darkness ...

The darkness of the right wing nut jobs, with IPA creeping ambition, were the chorus to Abbott's far right religious manacles. We were heading back to...

We entered this darkness where Oz slept soundly while the Abbott far right played!

A darkness where tribal, not global, world views dominated.

Where Science was bad and denial the norm.

Where refugees were illegal even though we started the war. 

Where education equality was determinedly ruined. 

Where austerity threatened.

Where Bronny had a life long laugh at us mere peasants until she was sprung.

But the darkness that filled that first budget, that attempted, lap doggishly, to achieve all the IPA goals in one swift coup, woke us all.

We realised.

When #JoeHockey said entitlements he meant the peasants.

When Abbott said anything. ANYTHING! 
It was likely a dirty lie.

The fact is we can all breathe easier with this embarrassing blip of a PM gone.
An empty, not very articulate, Christian Right warrior who was needy of a dose of his supposed Christian values, like empathy and telling the Truth. A sloganeering, ordinary man who was allowed to play with the 1% till they were worried enough to reinstate one of their own.

Enter stage right our new PM.

Lesser evil...

 #Malcolm Turnbull is a privileged, elite private school educated, wealthy, high achiever. 
Although he has spoken of his socially progressive worldview it appears this has too easily been traded to get him into The Lodge. And Malcolm, without the progressive views, is just Abbott with class. 
Time will tell. Integrity seems so tragically rare. But keep breathing.

Just hope Malcolm foregoes the dress ups.

And addresses our inhumane, illegal offshore camps.

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