Sunday, November 29, 2015

Religion is past its use by date. We need Science not WooWoo.

Religion is past its use by date.

Time to grow up fellow apes.

When did the Quran and Bible become a supermarket where believers buy what they want and discard the rest? Isn’t it either All or Nothing.
Is the fundamentalist really the ‘true’ believer?

We are told the religious texts are the foundations of the Islamic and Christian world views and belief systems. 
Well, supposedly.

But ‘Moderate’ believers, of all creeds, seem blind to the horrors written in their holy text and hail only the nice bits. The rose coloured pickings of religious quotes emphasised. The Horrors ignored. Disregarded. 

Many not believing, anymore, in the more outlandish supernatural ancient words and directives-
holy ghosts, flying horses, resurrections, hell. 
Our ‘tribe’ good. Others bad.
Obeying psychopathic, narcissistic ‘gods’. 
Recipes and orders for murder and darkness by an ‘all loving’ sky-daddy.

The words of Yahweh and Mohammed are but a casual reference point for the majority of today’s theists. 

But the problem is these words are strongly referenced by the fundamentalist.

Islamic terrorists quote directly from the Quran to justify their jihad against modernity. A murderous group of young male apes who, if they didn't join ISIS or the UPF, would be in your local neighbourhood gangs. 
Lost boys looking to belong. To be part of a group that accepts them.

Christian fundamentalists quote directly from the Bible to justify their attacks on abortion clinics, marriage equality and insular world views. Historical murders and inquisitions? Racism and hate. S’ok mate! The Bible said.

At least the fundamentalists are true to the fundamentals of their religion.

The moderate believers I know are really just like  me. Don’t judge others! Lest ye be! Be nice! Care about others. Don’t be a dick!

Do unto others is not owned by any religion.
Specific religions did not invent this decree.
Every ‘tribe’, throughout our relatively short history as a species, would have survived only if they were hip to this.
The moderates’ watered-down religion is deluded at best and hypocritical at worse.

The moderates prop up the terrorists.
By revering an old text, as the basis for their religions, the moderates provide the platform for the fundamentalist. 
With their gentle, cherry picking, world views they provide succour for the aggressive, by-the-Book beliefs and actions of the fundamental nutters.

The moderates need to accept that their current ‘belief tenets’ have evolved spectacularly from the dictates of the original texts. 
The Bible from 2000 years ago is as far from modern Christianity as we are from sloths. 

Well some of us anyhow.

I know my moderate religious friends are lovely people. Caring about others. Genuinely nice people. 
In this they are no different to my atheist/ humanist/ freethinking/buddhist/…. friends.

The only thing they do differently is try to recruit ‘souls’ for their god. Their gentle loving god not the fire breathing Yahweh.
ISIS and all right wing cults use the more murderous, raping and pillaging Yahweh as their brand. 

The moderates also prop up other dangerous cults.

Cults based on the Bible use the ancient texts to recruit.

ISIS uses the Quran.

Oddly a journalist captured for months by ISIS said he never saw a Quran opened.

All lip service really as cult leaders, of all ilk, will cherry pick from the ‘Good’ books.

As we see Golden Dawn, UPF, Cory Bernardi and other fascist far-right nut jobs do, as they try to recruit all others to their world view. 

I believe it is the sense of community that moderates crave. Belonging is such a primal need for our species. 
Moderates just need to realise it’s time for rebranding/a new ‘holy’ text. 
Stop letting the fundamentalists ride on your coat tails. 

Our need to belong leaves us open to influence by disreputable curs. 
We must skill our young with critical thinking tools to allow them any chance against Woo Woo.
Woo Woo must be cleansed from our species if we are to grow up and survive our possible extinction.

Science not Woo Woo.

Time to grow up fellow apes.

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