Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Tory Conservative Frame of Brain or I Really Miss Paul Keating.

It happened like this...

Make no mistake Bonnie Prince Howard began, enabled, plotted and birthed this horrid, fascisty society in which we now dwell.

Under Hawke and Keating we saw national leaders encourage our better natures.

Multicultural democracy began to thrive.
Respect thrived.

We weren't scared of the other.

Our leaders showed the way.

"Racism is a form of sickness and when a country starts building policies on race, or racial undertones, then you know you don't have much of a future, especially when you've got three billion Asians around you and we're 20 million," Mr Keating said. "You wouldn't think it was a winning policy, but some people in this country do."

My all time fave from Keating 

: I ask the Prime Minister: if you are so confident about your view of Fightback, why will you not call an early election?

Keating: The answer is, mate, because I want to do you slowly. There has to be a bit of sport in this for all of us. In the psychological battle stakes, we are stripped down and ready to go. I want to see those ashen-faced performances; I want more of them. I want to be encouraged. I want to see you squirm out of this load of rubbish over a number of months. 

There will be no easy execution for you. 

You have perpetrated one of the great mischiefs on the Australian public with this thing, trying to rip away our social wage, trying to rip away the Australian values which we built in our society for over a century.

Now we have Mr Hollow, broke-inside, major-national-disappointment Malcolm 

and this after enduring a total nut loon onion budgie bag of embarrassment...

But back to Little Johnny Howard

He had an idea...

a political idea 

based on our fear of the OTHER.

and led the appeal to our darker natures.

I blame John Howard for Oz becoming so racist and fearful.

"This campaign more than any other that I have been involved in, is very much about the future of the Australia we know and the Australia we love so much.
It is also about having an uncompromising view about the fundamental right of this country to protect its borders. It’s about this nation saying to the world we are a generous open hearted people taking more refugees on a per capita basis than any country.

But we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come. " 

(With huge fist pump!)

John Howard 2001 Federal Election Campaign Launch Speech, 28th October 2001

I continue my Howard rant here...

Now our Oz culture has moved so far towards the extreme right that almost half of us, we are told by some dubious survey, want to stop immigration based on a person's religion. If it differs to our own of course.

Far right, neo-nazi groups face off in our streets.

Pauline doesn't just hate Muslims.
She also has problems with uppity women, particularly in the family court, and the uppity poor.

They all hate groups of 'others' but come from different world views.

We have the theist far right types who base their hate on their religion like Beastiality Bernardi or Lascivious Lyle

then the libertarians, like Roskam, Day and Rupert, who just hate everyone.

But the biggest mystery is where the hell are these anti Muslim immigration Greens voters?

Oh Paul. We miss you. Oz is in a helluva mess.

We will not adopt the fantastic hypocrisy of modern conservatism 
which preaches the values of families and communities, while 
conducting a direct assault on them through reduced wages and 
conditions and job security.
  • Paul Keating. Election campaign launch, February 14, 1996.

The Tory Conservative Frame of Brain or I Really Miss Paul Keating.

It happened like this... Make no mistake Bonnie Prince Howard began, enabled, plotted and birthed this horrid, fasc...